Win a weekend in cafe society

Answer a few simple questions, and you could win a holiday for two in one of the coffee capitals of Europe
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THE CAFe Creme Guide to the Cafes of Europe 1998 is a new, glossy guidebook that takes you on a cafe tour around the Continent, from Dublin to Dortmund. The writers of the book have adopted the same policy as the travel pages of The Independent: the guide is completely independent in its editorial selection, and does not accept free hospitality from any cafe mentioned. So this newspaper is pleased to provide, in association with The Cafe Creme Guide, a mouth-watering competition that could win you a weekend break in one of the great cafe societies of Europe.

Today and for each of the next two Saturdays, we will be offering a great weekend for two. You will receive a return flight from London (Eurostar in the case of Paris); transfers to a three-star hotel, where you receive two nights' bed-and-breakfast accommodation; pounds 100 in spending money; and an all-important copy of the Guide. Twenty-five runners up will receive a copy of the book, which retails at pounds 12.99. If you are unlucky this time around, you can buy a copy at a special price of pounds 9.99, including postage and packing; just call our hotline on 01582 842112.

Today's destination is Paris; the next two venues will be Madrid and Venice. Just answer these three questions, complete the tie-break and send your entry to Paris, Cafe Creme Guide to the Cafes of Europe Competition, PO Box 4013, London E14 5DE. You are allowed to enter each of the subsequent competitions if you wish. The deadline for all entries is 17 July 1998.

Usual Independent Newspapers (UK) plc rules apply. The Editor's decision is final.

1. The Cafe Creme French Cafe of the Year is the Cafe Marly, overlooking the Louvre. Is its street address:

(a) Cour Napoleon

(b) Boulevard Wellington

(c) Avenue Waterloo

2. Colombia, England's opponent at Lens last night, is noted for its coffee production. Is the leading crop variety grown there:

(a) Bogota

(b) Arabica

(c) Escobar

3. If you ask for a cafe creme at the Cafe de la Paix in the ninth arrondissement in Paris, you will receive:

(a) a cigar

(b) a guidebook

(c) not much change out of 40 francs


In 20 words or fewer, describe the most romantic cafe you have ever visited.