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Laurie Anderson occupies a peculiar place in this nation's consciousness. She had one hit single more than 10 years ago, the minimalist epic "Oh Superman", and that's been about that. Yet everyone knows her name, her voice and her patented high-voltage-hamster hair-do. It's not as if there's a shortage of New York intellectual performance artists; yet there's an approachable, understandable side to this digital diva that helps her music stick. Recently, she's indulged in the obligatory Eno collaborations with a rather fine album, Bright Red, and a North London installation, Self Storage. Now she's bringing her stage show to town. Multimedia (of course), Internet-enabled, and most probably interactively postmodern, it's a selection of readings from her autobiographical scrapbook Stories from the Nerve Bible (Harper-Collins), pieces from Bright Red, and some new stuff. There'll be lots of red light and electronic noise as she masses synthesiser, guitar and violin underneath cybernetic graphics and lasers. One may pick holes in her lyrics - how old does she have to get before she gives up teenage existential angst, after all? - but the music is splendid and the shows so far have been reported as satisfactorily cerebrum- scrambling. Expect the introspective.

RFH, South Bank, SE1 (0171-928 8800) 7.30pm Mon 5-Wed 7 Jun