Wired up: New York Culture

The Big Apple and the Internet have a lot in common; they're both enormous, cosmopolitan and unpredictable at the best of times, but still great fun - providing you know what you're doing. If you want to discover the best Manhattan has to offer without leaving home, read on.
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The on-line incarnation of one of New York's most famous publications, The Village Voice, doesn't disappoint. It has a superbly comprehensive listings section, which is particularly strong on upcoming events. If you're trying to get your head around what's hot in the city before hopping across the Atlantic, this should certainly be your first stop. The site is clearly aimed at native New Yorkers as well as East Coast Americans who want to check up on film times before climbing on a train and heading into Manhattan, but as a starting point before setting off downtown, it's fantastic. Take some time to check out what the rest of the site has to offer - it's regarded as being the closest in touch with what's happening in New York these days.




If you're looking for a slightly more mainstream take on what the Big Apple has to offer, this may be more to your taste. It's produced by the publishers of the New York Times, and like The Village Voice site is aimed primarily at locals. This is what makes it so handy for travellers, allowing then to avoid the usual guidebook fuelled traps that populate any city. The site also offers you the chance to create a personalised diary for the day by offering up a unique itinerary of exhibitions, bars and restaurants. It has a handy printable map of New York (as well as any other American city you can care to mention). Do take the time to check out the excellent "How to New York" section, a kind of Q&A section about the city.


THE BEST OF THE REST www.filmforum.com HHH

This should be any real culture vulture's first stop. New York is a centre of independent film making and New Yorkers have always had a real passion for all things celluloid. If you want to share in some of that, this is the website to visit.

newyork.citysearch.com HHH

Renowned for its comprehensive coverage, this site is a collaboration between The New York Daily News and Time Out, and as you'd expect the output maintains a distinctive youth- oriented perspective.

www.papermag.com HH

If you're looking for something really trendy, this is probably the place for you. It's particularly rich in cutting-edge fashion and matters of style.

www.njweb.com HH

In the extremely unlikely event that New York doesn't have everything you want, this is a guide to its near neighbour, New Jersey.