#BackTheBBC is trending, but why do people care about the British Broadcasting Corporation?

With the future of the BBC seemingly unclear, here's why people love it

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With the future of the BBC under threat, some of the country’s biggest stars have written to David Cameron, to let him know they want to see the Corporation left alone. The celebrities, to put it concisely, believe “a diminished BBC would simply mean a diminished Britain.”

But it’s not just Hollywood stars that have a soft spot for the 92-year-old institution, with enough people caring to get #BackTheBBC trending. Here’s some of the reasons the BBC has elicited such a passionate response.

It costs taxpayers just 39p a day

The BBC is miles better than offerings from around the world

Even Americans love Auntie

People love Bake-Off

Is it really possible to say you just don’t like the BBC?

There’s also been some reminders of the TV gold the Corporation produces

The fact that there’s no commercial advertising is also pretty popular

Some are just concerned that the Tories have confused the BBC for a fox, and it’s about to get pretty messy