Words: Candied, adj.

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BRIGHTON STAYS true to Graham Greene's spirit. He once spotted 37 misprints in a page of The Times. "Entertoinment" has a fine Cockney ring and "rampaign", combining in one word the ideas of campaign and rampage in an article on vandalism, deserves to find a permanent place in the OED.

Now, in the Brighton Evening Argus, the agony aunt Rebecca Gray advises a woman whose boyfriend keeps buying her exiguous underwear - even though she never wears it: "Be very candied and just tell it like it is." A perfect, inadvertent word for sweetening the pill (Ms Gray's editor also twice let through "me" for "my"). And, in the North Laines of Brighton, a huge, painted sign calls it a "Conversation Area" - churlish, then, of the residents to object to another cafe.