Words: Gazzaless adj.

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ON TUESDAY 2 June, a new word entered the English language. As England's football squad was named, the Guardian ran a leading article under the headline: "Gazzaless future". The following day, "Gazzaless" appeared in the sports pages of the Times.

It is doubtful whether the phenomenon of Gazzalessness will survive long enough in the nation's consciousness to gain a place in the dictionary, but if it does it will be in good company. The OED lists 309 words ending in -lessness, though there seems little logic to its policy. Frontlessness and shoelessness have gained approval, but backlessness and socklessness remain on the bench.

Yet, if Gazzaless does not earn a place, it must not be considered a failure. Not while the word successlessness is in the OED.