Words: pony, n.

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"I KNOW I was peeved, in the Beatles' early days, at my mother's saying `it's yes, not yeah'," said an acquaintance, "but I am maddened by my children's use of words from Clueless and Friends - might as well be Urdu. And then the other day, I heard one of them say on the telephone, `Let's get a pony.' A pony! First I knew of it - no mention of a field or food. I then looked through my copy of Jonathon Green's new slang dictionary: all sorts of meanings for it. pounds 25 of course one knew, but also a crib for translation - and it's also a fairly recent coining for crack cocaine. Could be that this was all a tease, making the slang book more terrifying than a medical dictionary. I'm not sure what to do."

More Virginia Ironside's territory than mine.