Words: Sexy, adj.

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IS YOUR love-life dull? How about an open fire, candles, a big, big bottle of wine, tandoori chicken, dried-up samosas and lukewarm rice? The Grocer records that cluttered Alldays is ousting fast food. Colin Glass, a director, says, "I'm sure it will work in c-stores, but we have spent so much time, money and effort in it because it's sexy that it has led us to neglect the basics."

The OED merges the hormonal and the ad-man usage, citing the Wall Street Journal in 1970: "soybeans may not sound as sexy as electronics". The Grocer's June Hampton, no less, enthuses over something called Cheesestrings - peelable string cheese. Apparently, this stuff has scope for greater "penetration and usage"- hardly the case with Dairylea cheese triangles of yore.