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Live and Uncut
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Followers of tabloid culture will already be aware of Richard Littlejohn and his unpredictable talkshow, Live and Uncut, which returns for a second series tonight (10.30pm ITV). Littlejohn is one of those scariest of monsters, a gut-politics polemicist with a seriously large brain. If he'd written Mein Kampf, it would have set the alarm bells ringing all over Europe far earlier than Adolf's ramblings did. I have to admit to slavish fandom: Littlejohn's reasoned, funny, informed brand of fascism is the only serious competition PJ O'Rourke has.

Admiration, however, or indeed cooperation, is not always what the man gets. Devotees of the last series will cherish fond memories of the time when the presenter's face was replaced by a burst of hard-core continental porn. This was not the work of one of the TV pirate stations but was apparently a prank played by disgruntled techies.

Even without the disasters, Live and Uncut remains a great watch, mainly because of the production team's ability to set up essentially comic figures who haven't realised that that is what they are. Hence ugly old git Peter Stringfellow defending a ban on fat women in his tacky nightclubs and - top TV moment of last year - Vinnie Jones launching his pop career with a rendition of "Honky Tonk Women" in which not one note was on key. This week: Tim Rice and Eve Pollard.