yesterday was a . . .

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Good Day for stray cats, as the health councillor to the city of Florence turned his attention to pigeons. After a failed campaign to round up stray cats, officials have now announced that refuse collectors will be equipped with nets and instructions to round up 200 pigeons a day. Diseased birds will be killed and the rest disinfected. Next year, phase two of the plan will involve the replacement of pigeons' eggs with plaster replicas.

Bad Day for senior citizens of Miami, as elderly residents of several condominiums were billed for entended 'phone calls to steamy sex lines. One 82-year old woman, charged $99.75 for a 30-minute call, commented: "If I didn't get a heart attack then, I figure I'm safe for a while." Another woman, who was charged $30.90 for a call she never made, said: "Sex? I'm 71. My husband is 82. Believe me sex is the last thing on our minds."