yesterday was a . . .

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Good Day for camels, as the town of Broome in the Australian outback decided to fit its camels with battery-powered flashing red tail-lights. There has recently been a number of near misses at night between camels and cars near the beach. The camels have now been declared a night-time traffic hazard and owners are obliged to display rear lights, usually suspended from the saddle rather than attached to the tail.

Bad Day for Tay Yu, the world's 10th richest man, who had his credit cards rejected when he was trying to buy chocolates and drinks at Manila airport. Despite his fortune, estimated at $7.7bn, both his American Express and Visa cards were rejected by the machine at the duty free shop. Finally, staff phoned an official of American Express, who gave verbal clearance. An airport official diagnosed "credit card fatigue" - damage caused by overuse.