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Bill Wyman, 62, was brought up in Penge, south London, and went on to become an internationally famous rock star. He spent 31 years on the road as the bassist in the Rolling Stones and, although an unlikely sex symbol, recently admitted to sleeping with 350 women in two-and-a- half years. He met the model Mandy Smith when she was 13, and their controversial relationship culminated in a short-lived marriage (followed by acrimonious divorce).

In 1993, Wyman left the Rolling Stones, and he is currently on tour with his new band, The Rhythm Kings. Now married for the third time, he lives with his wife, the American designer Suzanne Accosta, in Chelsea. The couple have three small daughters, Matilda May, Jessica Rose and Katharine Noelle. Wyman's hobbies include metal-detecting and archaeology. His Kensington restaurant, Sticky Fingers, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. (For tour details of The Rhythm Kings, call 0171 937 8690).

In no more than 15 words, give your considered reflections on your life in the rock'n'roll business.

Sarah Simons, Notting Hill, London

Wonderful on stage but too much sitting around in boring places in between.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Sally Turner, Haslemere, Surrey

With the Stones, I play table tennis back stage, or pool, and make sure I have a stick of chewing-gum.

Aren't all Britpop acts essentially Sixties tribute bands?

Benjamin Taylor

Every artist or band gets their inspiration from earlier artists, but few admit it.

What do you think of the Human League/ Culture Club/ ABC etc revival tours?

PJ Henley, Oxford

I wasn't that keen on them in the first place.

At what stage is it appropriate for a band to give up/ grow old gracefully?

Claire Hatwell, Stoke Newington, London

When they find something that's more important to do in their lives.

How do you relate to techno? Do you think you've moved with the times musically?

Thomas White, Nottingham

I'm a musician. I can only really relate to other real musicians and singers.

What does a rock'n'roll star do in his spare time?

Justin Poole, Northampton

Lots of reading and watching lots of TV, on the road. Off the road, I try to live as normally as possible.

What are your favourite Rolling Stones tracks?

J Mataria, Pimlico, London

"Honky Tonk Women" and "Parachute Woman".

How did you manage to have so little fun?

Toby Tucker, Durham

I had ton of fun and I still do.

You have always been the Stones' archivist. Have you continued the job since leaving the band? And if not, which remaining member would be best suited to the job?

Polly Wilson, Peterborough

I continue as best I can and the boys sometimes send me items. There are no [other] members suited to this.

What's the secret of your success with women?

Henry Mayers, Hove, Sussex

Always treat them like the ladies they are.

Why did you decide to leave the Stones? And have you regretted it?

Claire Sands, Petworth, W Sussex

To sort out my private life, have a new family and indulge in my many other interests. No regrets.

Mick or Jerry - whose side are you on?

Dr S Miller, Southampton

I'm on Charlie's side.

What could you have contributed to society if you hadn't been able to play guitar?

Julie Cooper, Glasgow

Maybe I'd have been a photographer. I've got a book of photographs that I've taken myself [Wyman Shoots Chagall, Genesis Publications]. Or a researcher, or a librarian.

"Je suis un rock star" was a massive hit. How did it go down with the rest of the band?

Jamie Robinson, Nottingham

Everyone thought it was fun and liked it, although Mick thought it was a "silly" song.

A radical haircut must be on the way. When can we look forward to it? And what will it be like?

Fiona Jenkins, Manchester

While I've still got it, I'll keep it the way that it is. It won't stay in any other style.

Do the pop stars of today measure up to your generation or are they like footballers - pampered, self-deluding, celebrity-obsessed, don't know they're born?

Sophie Hart, Oxford

Many forget, or haven't learnt about, entertaining the audience and many are not musicians, so I can't relate to them.

What music do you play when you want to relax?

Eileen Hunter, Bath

The kind of music I play with my band, The Rhythm Kings - blues, early jazz, early country. I also play some of today's music, but not a lot.

What sort of gifts and fan mail do you receive?

S Syed, Wimbledon, London

Mostly little things for my children or items to fill in holes in my Stones memorabilia collection.


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