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Drunk in charge of a shoe

Colombia plans to institute fines to pedestrians for "walking under the influence of alcohol". Anyone convicted of "drunk walking" will be subject to a fine of up to $250. Accident figures show that 840 pedestrians were killed on the roads in Bogot between January 1995 and June 1996.

Staggering on the increase

The Scottish Council on Alcohol report a 29 per cent rise in counselling sessions for people with drink problems. They describe this as a "staggering increase".

His own granddad

Relationships in the Bray family in Barnsley are set to become complicated as Mary Bray's son, Alan Chambers, 42, announced plans to marry Anne Whittaker, the 69-year-old mother of Mrs Bray's new husband, Wilson. Her son will then become her stepfather-in-law.

Bottomless robbers

Thieves stole 11,000 bras from a warehouse in Sydney, Australia, but missed out on the matching panties and suspender belts.

Bumpy flight

Lee Jee-young, 23, a student in South Korea, became the first person to bungee-jump from a paraglider. She successfully dropped about 200 metres.

Pure genius

Researchers in York have begun a project using laser technology to monitor the progress of bubbles in beer. They hope to solve the mystery of why bubbles go up instead of down in Guinness.

Christmas gamble

Santa Claus, known as Ashley Cotter-Cairns before a name-change by deed poll, has bet pounds 50 at 1,000 to 1 odds that he will top the pop record charts this Christmas.