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Ariens are often physically attractive with well-formed bodies and limber abilities when it matters - they always have athletic sex with other people's partners, because the partner invariably turns up in the middle. No one is surprised to find Casanova born in this sign, where he began his lifelong efforts to return to his origins. More blondes are born under this sign than any other, and for this, both sexes and either gender are grateful.

While Ariens are more of a lyric encounter than an epic one (they are easily distracted), they will, to their credit, do anything in bed. Their appetite for experience is sharp, and they will even shoot their boyfriend in the leg (oh, cheers, Verlaine, thanks a lot) to see what it looks like. But pan-sexual as all Ariens aspire to be, they draw the line at suckling wolves (Romulus, you're disgusting).

Ariens are famously aggressive and therefore, according to the old cosmology, egregiously masculine. Where this leaves Dirk Bogarde, or even Michael York, is hard to say, but only an Arien would summon the stomach to find out what it means.

Still, we do have Billy Carter to reaffirm our faith in the ancient wisdoms, and President John Tyler (who annexed Texas), as well as Bismarck, and Camille Paglia come to that. But as for hawks, Cyrus Vance, the well-known American peacemaker, is only well-provided for in retirement because he wasn't paid by results.

There is more aggression in art than new-age crystal gazers normally allow, which is why we find so many proseurs, poseurs, yodellers and eminent painters in the sign: Vincent van Gogh, Frederick Raphael, Francisco Goya and Angie deLatour are all Ariens, as you would expect, but not all arty types have been as successful.

Look: Haydn became so poor that he had to sell the last vowel of his name for a Sunday lunch, and he still went hungry to work.