Alice-Azania Jarvis

Alice-Azania Jarvis is a feature writer for The Independent

Helplines: Call for help

A voice on the end of the telephone can be a life saver – the elderly are the latest group requiring a dedicated helpline. But funding problems threaten cuts at a time of great need

Sorry, you're how old?

We have all lied about our age at some time or other. Some do it to get a job, others to protect their status. But, there is one thing worse than lying about how old you are – and that's being found out

The one that got away

Even many happily married couples still carry a torch for an earlier – and perhaps unsuitable – love. Is it ever a good idea to rekindle the romance?

Pumpkins: What A Carve Up!

As British pumpkin sales enjoy their annual purple patch, Alice-Azania Jarvis and Gillian Orr present their guide to souping up your squash

Gyms are on a spin cycle

It was 1989 in Santa Monica. Duran Duran, Roxette and Bon Jovi blasted from the radio, while Madonna implored fans to express themselves. The fashion-conscious wore leopard print, shoulder pads and plaid. The body-conscious headed to Johnny G's Spin centre to burn off 600 calories an hour. Born in South Africa, Johnny Goldberg had moved to the US a decade earlier, working as a personal trainer and taking part in a host of endurance cycle races. One night, while out training on his bike, a passing car narrowly missed him. It was then he had the idea of taking cycling indoors. Spinning was born.

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Forget MasterChef, now we're all in love with The Great British Bake Off. As the show reaches its final tonight, Alice-Azania Jarvis discovers why comfort food wins

Tweed recipes: Shear brilliance

Harris Tweed has been the backbone of beautiful suits for more than a century. As a new book celebrates the craftspeople behind it, Alice-Azania Jarvis charts the fabric's journey from sheep to Savile Row