By Peter Stanford

Pope Benedict XVI: The apologist

He was supposed to be a safe pair of hands. But five years into the job, Joseph Ratzinger is caught in an unprecedented papal storm

'They like us naive': How teenage girls are groomed for a life of

Thirteen-year-old Emma was a happy child from a loving family when a gang of boys she met at a shopping centre introduced her to a charismatic older man. He plied her with gifts and drinks... then raped her and forced her into prostitution. Now aged 20 and in hiding from the gang, Emma talks candidly about how she was groomed – and how she is trying to help the growing number of others being picked out for a similar fate

Is this Britain's most successful prison?

HMP Grendon is a prison with a mission, a unique high-security facility where inmates face up to their crimes through group therapy, role-playing and psychoanalysis. And studies show this pioneering approach to rehabilitation produces extraordinary results.