By Will Dean

DVD: Senna (12)

There's no narrator, no contemporary footage and very little on its protagonist's personal life. Indeed, Asif Kapadia's Senna is one of the most sporting of sports documentaries – but no less gripping for it.

The Timeline: The New York Mafia

New York's first recognised mafia family was established by Guiseppe Morello – "The Clutch Hand" – a disfigured Sicilian immigrant from Corleone whose web of illegality and counterfeiting was supported by a range of violent techniques that became the hallmark of the American mafia throughout the century. Most notrious was the "barrel killing" as employed on Benedetto Madonia in 1903. Morello was "boss of all bosses" until he was imprisoned in 1910. Later killed in 1930 by rival mafiosi.