David Ellis

David Ellis is editor of Student Money Saver and a contributor to the Independent, The Daily Telegraph, the Guardian on all things student

Amid tuition fees, strikes and protests, where is Universities

Has anybody seen Greg Clark? While students protest and bloggers rage, the Minister for Universities has stayed schtum. He’s doing his bit on Twitter – although perhaps not very well, given he’s short of a blue tick and hasn’t mentioned anything of interest, unless you’re into staged PR shots.

Heading home for Christmas? Don't get stung

Provided the weather doesn’t make good on its threats to blow into an ice age, this week most students will get out of bed, put on another coat, wheel the suitcase out the door and head home for the luxury of normal meals –no more cereal for supper– and a central heating system that doesn’t cough itself to sleep.

How to pick prospective housemates... with care

This time of year, students lurch between house viewings so desperately they begin to resemble bad husbands on Christmas Eve - driving petrol station to petrol station looking for a decent bunch of flowers. Before you can decide where to live, there’s the unenviable task of pulling together a team of housemates. To avoid sabotaging your next academic year, make your choices wisely.