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David Lloyd

David Lloyd is the headmaster of Solihull School

Bell makes strong claim for the magic number

Cricketers, at least those with ambition, love to give the selectors a headache. Or so they say. What they really mean, of course, is that they would like to stake such a rock solid claim that no one with an ounce of common sense could possibly look in any other direction. Step forward Ian Bell

Cook to lead fringe England squad to take on Ireland's Cup heroes

There was a time when playing Ireland across the water would be nothing much more than a jolly for England's cricketers. But no longer – and certainly not after a certain World Cup result that did wonders for the sale of the dark stuff all around the globe.

Disinterested Dhoni's half-baked wicketkeeping leads India astray

For three years or more, everything that Mahendra Singh Dhoni touched turned to gold. These days, everything he tries to touch seems to end up on the floor. Bit harsh? Perhaps, but these are worrying times for the man who did the impossible by replacing Sachin Tendulkar as India's most talked about cricketer.

Strauss draws in on world No1 slot

Even two draws now will be enough for England to replace India as the world's No 1 Test team after going 2-0 up in the four-match series with yesterday's thumping 319-run victory here.

England's lower order are already No 1 – at stacking up the runs

England have come a long way in the last 12 years – from the world's worst Test team to virtual table-toppers, for a start. And while the reasons behind their climb are many and varied, the run-scoring ability of the lower order is an especially significant factor.

‘I was a bit naive’ admits Bell as Dhoni averts full-blown

Ian Bell last night admitted that his naivety caused the run-out incident which threatened to cast a dark shadow over England's Test series against India. Bell was only allowed to resume a brilliant innings – having been given out for 137 – because M S Dhoni, the visiting captain, agreed to withdraw his side's appeal during the tea interval.

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'We are champing at the bit to get at India again'

Stuart Broad and his fast bowling pals are "champing at the bit" to resume their work at Trent Bridge today. And while Broad admitted last night that India "are probably the happier of the two camps" he insisted that England still have a real chance of winning this second Test.

What a hit: the fab four on song at same time

There is usually a good debate to be had about the world's best Test attack. South Africa's line-up, led by the electrifyingly quick Dale Steyn, have their supporters while India's backers can at present point to three bowlers among the top 10. For an hour or so yesterday, though, there was no argument whatsoever as England's quartet combined quite brilliantly.