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Sophie Lam

Sophie Lam is Head of Travel at The Independent. She joined the travel desk in 2004, after spending several months in Central America and when not in the office is happiest on the beach.

Villa Epecuén: exploring the Argentinian ghost town

The former tourist resort of Villa Epecuén was swallowed by salt water when the neighbouring lake burst its banks. A quarter of a century later, the waters started to recede, revealing the remains of this once thriving town

48 Hours In: Porto

Walk in the footsteps of Prince Henry the Navigator, tour Baroque churches and historic port lodges, or just stroll beside the Douro, writes Sophie Lam

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Travel special 2014: Let the legendary seduction of the Indian

We were like thieves in the night. We'd been plotting our movements for weeks, working out timings, checking then re-checking our itinerary. A getaway driver had been enlisted and pulled up in the silvery moonlight in a thicket of palm trees almost exactly on time. "Canacona?" he called out to us. We piled into the back of the auto-rickshaw and sped off through the Goan countryside.