Will Gore

Will Gore is Deputy Managing Editor of The Independent and the London Evening Standard. He writes on a range of topics, including weekly columns about media ethics (having previously worked in press regulation), and cricket (having once been able to bowl a devilish googly).

In Caster Semenya's case, we've lost all our compassion

Semenya herself has spoken little about the controversy, concluding that 'God made me the way I am and I accept myself.' It is unclear whether she has even seen the results of every test to which she has been subjected. She deserves our compassion for the way she's been treated

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Donald Trump claims he was 'right about Islam' after Orlando

Remember Norway's Anders Breivik? Expert after expert was interviewed on TV and predicted likely links between the killer and al-Qaeda, only to be proved utterly wrong. Bear in mind that America has a long history of mass killings unconnected to radical Islamism