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Kunal Dutta is a news writer and reporter. He has written for The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, Independent Voices and More Intelligent Life.

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Ukip candidate John Leathley apologises after saying female journalist 'needs a sh*g'

' I am shocked and deeply ashamed of my words

General Election 2015: Can digitally-savvy youth vote swing the closest campaign in living memory?

A flurry of last-minute polls show the main parties are still neck and neck as leaders make their final pitches in an attempt to sway the electorate

Ukip sacks candidate Robert Blay for threatening to shoot his Tory rival

'If this lad turns up to be our prime minister I will personally put a bullet in him'

General Election 2015: No income tax, national insurance or VAT rises for the next five years under a Tory government, pledges Cameron

But economists warn the 'five-year-lock' could restrict the Treasury's room for manoeuvre in the event of any unforeseen economic emergency

Italy has sought to crack down on human traffickers to help deal with the huge influx of migrants reaching its shores and the catastrophic numbers of deaths from their illegal shipping

Migrant crisis: Twenty Somalis convicted in Italy of smuggling people into northern Europe

Prosecutors in Sicily said the 20 men were part of a ring making 'large sums of money' smuggling Kenyans and Somalians into Italy

Nate Silver shocked and annoyed US newspaper pundits by correctly predicting the outcome of the 2012 US election

General Election 2015: US statistician Nate Silver predicts Conservatives will win most seats but 'enormous uncertainty' over formation of final government

But Silver said Ed Miliband could form a minority government with the 'consent' of the SNP but warned it would be an 'incredibly messy outcome'

Postcard from... Seychelles

I am sat in a car park alongside the King of Ghana and the princess of Swaziland. Calypso music blasts as the smell of spicy barbequed chicken permeates the air. Forget Rio or New Orleans, this is the Victoria international carnival in the Seychelles.

Postcard from... Dubai

“Fake Plastic Trees” is best known as an apocalyptic song by Radiohead. But here in Dubai they may soon be springing up in numbers.

A migrant is helped disembark in the Sicilian harbor of Pozzallo, Italy

Migrant boat disaster: Charity predicts 2,500 children could die this year unless a unified rescue mission is resumed in the Mediterranean

Save the Children issues warning as Britain prepares to dispatch warship to region

Sir John Chilcot first announced the terms of reference of his inquiry into the causes of the Iraq war in 2009

Chilcot inquiry into Iraq War 'unlikely to be published this year'

Protracted correspondence with those criticised in the document was cited as a reason for the delay

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General Election 2015: ‘We will not sit down with Nicola Sturgeon’, says Ed Balls

'We will not sit down with Nicola Sturgeon'

In an exclusive interview, Ed Balls says he won't negotiate his first Budget with SNP MPs - even if Labour need their votes to secure its passage
VE Day 70th anniversary: How ordinary Britons celebrated the end of war in Europe

How ordinary Britons celebrated VE Day

Our perception of VE Day usually involves crowds of giddy Britons casting off the shackles of war with gay abandon. The truth was more nuanced
They came in with William Caxton's printing press, but typefaces still matter in the digital age

Typefaces still matter in the digital age

A new typeface once took years to create, now thousands are available at the click of a drop-down menu. So why do most of us still rely on the old classics, asks Meg Carter?
Discovery of 'missing link' between the two main life-forms on Earth could explain evolution of animals, say scientists

'Missing link' between Earth's two life-forms found

New microbial species tells us something about our dark past, say scientists
The Pan Am Experience is a 'flight' back to the 1970s that never takes off - at least, not literally

Pan Am Experience: A 'flight' back to the 70s

Tim Walker checks in and checks out a four-hour journey with a difference
Humans aren't alone in indulging in politics - it's everywhere in the animal world

Humans aren't alone in indulging in politics

Voting, mutual back-scratching, coups and charismatic leaders - it's everywhere in the animal world
Crisp sales are in decline - but this tasty trivia might tempt back the turncoats

Crisp sales are in decline

As a nation we're filling up on popcorn and pitta chips and forsaking their potato-based predecessors
Ronald McDonald the muse? Why Banksy, Ron English and Keith Coventry are lovin' Maccy D's

Ronald McDonald the muse

A new wave of artists is taking inspiration from the fast food chain
13 best picnic blankets

13 best picnic blankets

Dine al fresco without the grass stains and damp bottoms with something from our pick of picnic rugs
Barcelona 3 Bayern Munich 0 player ratings: Lionel Messi scores twice - but does he score highest in our ratings?

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich player ratings

Lionel Messi scores twice - but does he score highest in our ratings?
Martin Guptill: Explosive New Zealand batsman who sets the range for Kiwis' big guns

Explosive batsman who sets the range for Kiwis' big guns

Martin Guptill has smashed early runs for Derbyshire and tells Richard Edwards to expect more from the 'freakish' Brendon McCullum and his buoyant team during their tour of England
General Election 2015: Ed Miliband's unlikely journey from hapless geek to heart-throb

Miliband's unlikely journey from hapless geek to heart-throb

He was meant to be Labour's biggest handicap - but has become almost an asset
General Election 2015: A guide to the smaller parties, from the the National Health Action Party to the Church of the Militant Elvis Party

On the margins

From Militant Elvis to Women's Equality: a guide to the underdogs standing in the election
Amr Darrag: Ex-Muslim Brotherhood minister in exile still believes Egypt's military regime can be replaced with 'moderate' Islamic rule

'This is the battle of young Egypt for the future of our country'

Ex-Muslim Brotherhood minister Amr Darrag still believes the opposition can rid Egypt of its military regime and replace it with 'moderate' Islamic rule, he tells Robert Fisk
Why patients must rely less on doctors: Improving our own health is the 'blockbuster drug of the century'

Why patients must rely less on doctors

Improving our own health is the 'blockbuster drug of the century'