Are you having trouble finding a copy of The Independent? Let us know

Email us if you cannot find a copy of the newspaper in your local newsagent

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Dear reader,

Do you have trouble finding you copy of The Independent some mornings? We do our utmost to ensure that your newspaper is where you want it, when you want it - it is referred to as the 'nightly miracle' that newspapers are able to produce the news overnight and get on to the newsstands all over the country by the first thing the next morning.

That said, with the proliferation of retailers and the decline in newspaper sales, we do experience supply black holes and find that retailers sell out as we have failed to give them enough copies. In this we ask for your help. We want to know where you have a problem finding The Independent.  If you email us at and can tell us the store name and address we will endeavour to guarantee that your copy of The Independent will always be in store!

Thank you for help, and please let us have any other opinions you have about the newspaper.