There are now more than three million people in “severe problem debt”

Britons are struggling with debt in unprecedented numbers, according to a report published this week.

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Derbyshire Royal Infirmary has now been largely demolished

The NHS is set to sell off or redevelop land and property worth billions of pounds to help pay off its growing deficit and bring about a radical transformation of the way healthcare is delivered.


Amanda Knox speaks at her parents’ home in Seattle on Friday, flanked by her fiancé, Colin Sutherland, and her mother, Edda Mellas

The lawyer representing the family of the murdered 21-year-old Meredith Kercher said yesterday that there was a “great sense of bitterness” over the decision of an Italian court to absolve definitively Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito of a role in the killing.


Glenn Maxwell’s 102 off 53 balls against England epitomised why this World Cup has been such a big hit

On the eve of the World Cup final, the culmination of a tournament which has been a resounding triumph, the captain of Australia came riding to the rescue. The seventh cavalry could learn a thing or two from Michael Clarke.


England prop Joe Marler described the final day of this year's Six Nations as unforgettable

The headline in The Independent on Sunday read “The Greatest Day” and a week later that still seems about right. Seven hours of spellbinding Six Nations rugby culminated in an extraordinary match between England and France, the like of which Twickenham had never seen before. By the end England had won 55-35, but fallen six points short of the margin of victory they needed to take the title. For those watching it was  unforgettable: a match for the ages. But what of those playing? Joe Marler, England’s increasingly impressive young loose-head prop (he of the Dickensian look and broad Sussex burr), witnessed the whole event at close quarters. For him, too, it was unforgettable. This is his day.

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Peter McGraith, left, David Cabreza and their two sons

Sue Wilkinson married her partner, Celia Kitzinger, more than a decade ago. But it was only last week, when she received a letter, that it hit home how attitudes to same-sex marriage in the UK have been transformed.

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The Regent Street Cinema’s projection room in the 1920s

Two months before the reopening of a theatre dubbed “the birthplace of British cinema”, archives have revealed the extraordinary history of a building used to screen the UK’s first moving image – and its first X-rated film. 


The television advertisement for 666Bet, featuring Vas Blackwood, left, and former football manager Harry Redknapp

A director of an online gambling company linked to two Premier League clubs has been arrested in connection with a £21m fraud and money-laundering investigation, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.


The Asian Women of Achievement Awards is now in its 16th year

Fifty accomplished women, including a stand-up comedian, a TV star and a senior executive at the world’s first Islamic branding agency, have been shortlisted for the 2015 Asian Women of Achievement Awards. Now in its 16th year, the event aims to highlight the often overlooked contribution that Asian women make to sectors including business, sport and culture.


Jonathan Anderson was born in Northern Ireland but now based between London, where he presents a line named JW Anderson

Could Jonathan Anderson be the greatest fashion designer of our times? Probably not. He is, however, one of the most interesting. He’s interesting, on the most basic level, because he’s producing more collections than other people – he shows menswear and womenswear under his own label and that of the Spanish fashion house Loewe, for which he presented his second catwalk collection in Paris earlier this month. His clothes, for both, are frequently innovative and exciting – notably in menswear, where Anderson chafes at the restraints of tradition and proposes an arresting, occasionally alarming otherness.


Nick Clegg has told BBC’s Sunday Politics programme that he will be too busy to take on Oliver Coppard, the Labour candidate, in a live television debate

Nick Clegg has been accused of “hypocrisy” after refusing to take part in a live television debate with rival candidates vying for his  increasingly marginal Sheffield Hallam constituency. 


Green candidate Darren Hall on the doorstep in Bristol

Standing in the bohemian Stokes Croft area of Bristol it’s easy to see why Darren Hall thinks he has a chance of becoming the city’s first Green MP.


Research has shown that almost half of people who bought something worth more than £100 in the past two years tried haggling to get a better price

Britain is becoming a nation of hagglers. People are increasingly happy to negotiate better prices on everything from energy bills to new televisions and bicycles, according to research commissioned by the Government.


Zayn has become the first member to leave One Direction. 'I have to do what feels right in my heart,' he said

How did you feel when you heard that Zayn was leaving? Were you devastated at the news? Did you ring work and ask for compassionate leave, like hundreds of other fans?


Women cast their vote in Daura, the home town of opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari

Millions of Nigerians lined up yesterday to help decide what is seen as the West African nation’s closest election for a generation, although hundreds fled in fear as Boko Haram extremists tried to disrupt the presidential vote with gun attacks that left 41 people dead.


Houthi fighters near Sanaa airport on Saturday

A Saudi Arabia-led alliance is willing to wage a military campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen for as long as it takes to defeat the Iranian-backed group that has forced the country’s president to flee, King Salman said yesterday.


Meagre snowfall has left slopes in Olympic Valley, Tahoe, almost bare, weeks before the traditional spring melt

In Southern California, it’s often said, you can ski in the morning and surf after lunch. This spring, though, you might have to stick to surfing. With the drought in the US South-west entering its fourth year, and the California snowpack at only 19 per cent of its historical March average, ski resorts have been forced to close weeks – and, in some cases, months – early.


Fish stocks are low for Gaza boatmen

The underwater rock formations provide the best fishing grounds off Gaza, but they are just beyond the limit set by the Israelis for local boats. Tawfiq Abu Riyala dreamt up an ingenious plan to solve this problem; but it may have ended up costing him his life.


Crowds in Taiz, Yemen react to a Houthi rebel takeover in parts of the city

Foreign states that go to war in Yemen usually come to regret it. The Saudi-led military intervention so far involves only air strikes, but a ground assault may follow. The code name for the action is Operation Decisive Storm, which is probably an indication of what Saudi Arabia and its allies would like to happen in Yemen, rather than what will actually occur.


The words used to decribe Andreas Lubitz unwound much of the work done to destigmatise mental illness

I read of the Germanwings air disaster with mounting horror and sadness but then, as newspaper front pages began to appear, with increasing despair. “Depression”, screamed the headlines. The co-pilot committed suicide, taking 150 people to their deaths, because he had depression. Depression linked to mass murder. The word came up, time and time again.