Win exclusive home screening of Helena Bonham Carter-narrated film 'Price of Kings: President Peres'

President Peres speaks candidly about his relationship with Yasser Arafat and also with Benjamin Netanyahu

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As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict undergoes its latest tragedy, The Independent on Sunday offers 500 readers the chance to receive a documentary that gives a unique insight into the present conflict from one of Israel’s longest-serving political figures, Shimon Peres.

Mr Peres, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 alongside Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat for the Oslo accords, speaks candidly about his relationship with Arafat and also with Benjamin Netanyahu who, as the present Israeli prime minister, authorised this week’s attacks.

In the film, Mr Peres criticises those who ignore the “moral” element of decision-making and stresses the overriding importance of “making peace with the Arabs”.


“I wouldn’t like to appear in my own eyes as a man that became evil, became thirsty for power,” he says. “Someone who didn’t see the opportunity – didn’t understand the difference between right and wrong.”

The documentary by Spirit Level Film, titled The Price of Kings: President Peres, is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter. It gained unprecedented access to Mr Peres and also features interviews with his contemporaries, enemies and his family.

In the film, Mr Peres explains why he made the decisions he did at key times in his political career. He talks about not only the Oslo accords but also the night Rabin was assassinated and the growing Palestinian intifada as Israel swung to the right. He is surprisingly complimentary about Arafat.

Five hundred readers can get their own home screening by entering at The promotion closes at 11.59pm on 20 July. The first 500 entries will be contacted by the 25 July. See