Biodegradable 3D glasses to hit movie theaters this summer

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The world's first biodegradable/compostable 3D glasses are set to make their way to movie theaters, according to a March 17 announcement. The eco-friendly 3D glasses are manufactured using bioplastic resins and are expected to be ready for US distribution in summer 2010.

According to a press release, the recent releases of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland each required more than 10 million pairs of 3D glasses to be shipped around the globe, resulting in emissions comparable to those generated by burning 50,000 gallons of gasoline or 917 barrels of oil. Likewise, while many cinemas collect 3D glasses after each showing, damaged or unreturned pairs of the standard fossil fuel-based plastic glasses ultimately end up in landfills.

Oculus3D glasses are made by Cereplast, Inc., which designs and manufactures the bio-based, sustainable plastic resins used in the glasses, and Oculus3D, a company focused on film-based 3D projection technology. If discarded at a compost site, the glasses will return to nature in less than 180 days with no chemical residues or toxicity left in the soil.