Bohai Bay Spill, big cat extinction and other green stories of the week

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Some of the major green and environmental stories of the past week (July 2-July 8), including the cover-up of an oil spill in China, drilling for gas at a World Heritage Site and species facing extinction, are rounded up below. 

Amazon activists - following the murders of a number of high-profile Amazon conservationists, the Brazilian government has announced it will begin providing protection for campaigners who have received threats. ( Guardian)

Arctic expansion - Russia has lodged a claim with the United Nationsto expand its Arctic borders as scientists begin to search for energy reserves in the area leading to tensions in the region. ( AFP)

Big cats face extinction
- predictions from big cat conservationists warn that big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs could face extinction within a generation unless efforts are made to stem their declining numbers. ( Independent)

Bohai Bay
- it has emerged that an oil spill in China's Bohai Bay was covered up by authorities for nearly a month, raising health and safety concerns in the region. (

Drilling in Australia - environmentalists have reacted with outrage after the Australian government decided to allow energy corporation Shell to drill for gas at a reef that was listed as a World Heritage Site two weeks ago. ( AFP)

Ethanol subsidy - lawmakers in the United States have reached a compromise and agreed to reduce subsidies for ethanol after the policy was criticized for diverting corn for food to fuel and impacting on world food prices. ( Yahoo)

Fracking poisonous - the controversy over the natural gas extraction process known as fracking continues after a new report finds the wastewater it produces is poisonous to plants and trees. ( Treehugger)   

Tuna threatened - a report released this week by international organization ICUN has revealed that five of eight tuna species are now threatened with extinction. ( AFP/ Herald Sun)

UNESCO says no - UNESCO has called upon France to suspend plans for the development of wind turbines located near one of the country's top landmarks - the monastery of Mont St. Michel. ( Telegraph)

Yellowstone spill - the alleged lack of transparency and accountability over Exxon Mobil oil spill in the Yellowstone River has provoked anger from local residents concerned about its effects on their livelihoods and environment. ( LA Times)