Campaign against waste: 'My two shopping deliveries took 44 carrier bags'

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Fruit & Veg

I saw a single slice of pineapple in Sainsbury's wrapped like a penguin biscuit and aimed at children (priced over £1.20).

Paul Nolan

Hot drinks

Ovaltine is my family's favourite chocolate drink but it only comes in one small size tub (the six of us get through 2-3 per week) made of non-recyclable (in this area) plastic. It is further wrapped in non-recyclable shrink plastic.

Fiona Thorne

I bought Lavazza espresso recently - the 100 per cent Arabica one that comes in the fancy black box. Inside is a vacuum-shrunk "brick" of black foil packaging. The foil is an exact replica of the useless cardboard box. What is the point?

Anthony Toner

Double Dragon Organic Green Tea bags come in a shiny green box with the brand and product name indented on four sides. The bags are each wrapped in a paper wallet with the name on it, and each bag has a string, at the end of which is shiny paper that reminds you again what kind of tea bag it is.

David Dillon

Please draw attention to the new coffee machines that encourage the purchase of "coffee pods". A new container is used and thrown away every time. I would like to hear Braun (Tassimo), Nescafé (Gusto) and Philips (Senseo), and any other manufacturers, justify this new range. Are the "pods" recyclable?

Janene Waudby


Asda cookie mix used to come in a single plastic bag and cost 38p. Now they put the bag in a cardboard box with a colour photo on it. And they doubled the price.

A P Donoff

Health foods

The ratio of packaging to product with Yakult pots is disgusting. Their campaign involves a "one a day" theme but it would be perfectly simple to have one container with an associated measuring cup.

Claire Palmer

Home deliveries

I received two home deliveries from Sainsbury's in a total of 44 carrier bags, a carrier bag for each two items on average. One bag had a pot of pepper in it!

Carole Jefferys

Companies such as Amazon and The Book People send out books in sturdy cardboard boxes three or four times larger than necessary. Cardboard can be recycled, but the amount used is most extravagant.

Caroline Jones

I have only ever made one order (it was from Ocado) for the following reason. When the shopping arrived almost every item had been placed in its own plastic carrier bag - presumably company policy to prevent contamination (of fruit by detergent, for example) and spillage. It was so wasteful that we have never used the service since.

Andrew Newell