Climate camp protesters stage demo at Treasury

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Climate camp activists staged a "clean-up" protest outside the Treasury yesterday. Wearing boiler suits and brandishing cleaning equipment they said they wanted to expose the Treasury's "dirty practices", including the use of taxpayers' money to fund fossil fuel extraction despite the Government claiming to be a global leader in the fight against climate change.

They held up a banner proclaiming "Climate Change Doesn't Take Holidays", and complained at the Government's majority stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland, which they claim funds carbon-intensive industries such as tar sands extraction in Canada.

"We've had enough of false solutions and false promises. We're here to expose the Government's role as a climate criminal, and the political system's failure to fight against climate change," said protester Nimsha Doshi.

The campers later headed to London City Airport for a flash mob demonstration against its expansion, which they warned would lead to an extra 50,000 plane journeys, bringing City's annual flight total to 120,000.