Very cold comfort: Sub-zero snap will continue for at least another week

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Britain will have to endure its current cold snap – making this month one of the coldest Novembers in nearly two decades – for at least another week, the Met Office said yesterday.

Severe weather warnings were issued for north-east England and southern Scotland yesterday with both expected to see more heavy snowfall last night, adding to the 35cm that has already fallen. It's the earliest significant snowfall for 17 years. Southern England and the Isle of Wight could also be hit by today.

The Met Office blamed the cold snap on clear skies and cold winds blowing in from Scandinavia and Russia. The winds mean that it will continue to feel cold throughout next week. Temperatures are falling to -5C at night, -10C in some areas, and are just struggling above freezing during the day – well below the November average of 10C.

"November isn't over yet so we can't compare averages," the Met Office spokesman said. "But 1993 and 1985 were particularly cold. It got down to -18.5C in 1985. Temperatures are well below the norm. We had the coldest night on Friday since 1993."