Douglas warns MPs of nuclear dangers

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The Hollywood film star Michael Douglas called on Tony Blair to host global talks on nuclear disarmament last night as he warned that current international missile treaties were in danger of "coming apart".

In a speech in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons, Mr Douglas told MPs that disputes between nations could become a "death warrant" for the world unless urgent action was taken.

Mr Douglas, who has been a United Nations "messenger for peace" since 1998, told the all-party Parliamentary Group for Non-proliferation and Global Security, that Washington's prospective adoption of a "Star Wars" missile defence system would cancel a missile treaty and could increase confrontation with Russia and China.

"Three key arms-control treaties are in danger of coming apart at a time when more material for making weapons of mass destruction is available worldwide than ever before," Mr Douglas said. "The horrific prospect opens up a world of nuclear anarchy, where any feud between countries could degenerate into a death warrant for the entire planet."