Electronics in the list of top ten products people are looking to recycle

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In 2009 eco-friendly consumers searched the web for information about how to recycle products that were at the end of their life cycle. Consumer electronics featured prominently within the items people were looking to recycle; computers, batteries and televisions were at the top of the list.

Environmental services company Earth911.com tracked the number of US consumers searching for information about the best ways to recycle products during the year and released the results on February 8.

"Electronics have always been popular searches on Earth911.com, but with the increased attention these devices have received, this past year was our highest yet," said Corey Lambrecht, president of Earth911. "Also, overall recycling searches increased 12 percent over 2008, as consumers want to know more about how to dispose of these items."

The top 10 products consumers looked to recycle in 2009 using Earth911's Database were:
1. Computers
2. Batteries
3. Televisions
4. Paint
5. Aluminum Cans
6. Used Motor Oil
7. CFLs
8. Glass
9. Fluorescent Lamps
10. Christmas Trees

The information was part of Earth911.com's 2009 Annual Recycling Report.