Energy-saving device gets world first seal of approval

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It is estimated that home energy costs in the USA alone amount to over 240 billion dollars, 5 percent of which can be attributed to home electronics; recently UL Environment recognized a product which could lower electricity consumption and lead to savings of up to 78 percent.


Independent environmental solutions company UL Environment announced on September 21 that Belkin's Conserve Smart AV surge protector has been awarded the first ever UL Environment's Environmental Claims Validation (ECV) Mark for demonstrating energy saving capabilities.

The Smart AV detects when an appliance such as a TV is turned off and automatically shuts down up to five connected devices such as a DVD player, stereo or a games console. According to UL Environment, annual savings from the Smart AV device can range from 6 percent if used in conjunction with Energy Star appliances to 78 percent if used with older equipment. The Smart AV is available from and retails for around €23.

The cost and environmental impact of home electronics and appliances can also be minimized by purchasing highly efficient Energy Star-rated equipment which is recognized as an environmental standard throughout the world.

In March 2010, Energy Star Excellence Awards were awarded to General Electric (GE) and Samsung amongst others. GE Energy Star-rated refrigerators retail for around €1000 and Samsung energy-saving LED backlit TVs retail for upwards of €2000.