Environmentally friendly gets hi-tech at Green Device 2010

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For three days in November companies from the Asia-Pacific region and around the world will showcase the latest in green technology including smart grid integrated lighting systems at Green Device 2010.


From November 10-12 Green Device 2010 will bring together companies in the field of environmentally beneficial technology from around the world. The event, held in Japan, is focused towards industry professionals and is used by companies to showcase their latest technological innovations. Each exhibitor at the event will be showcasing products in one of four main categories: "LED lighting," "Battery," "Solar Cell," and "Smart Grid."

In a November 8 press release green electronics company STMicroelectronics announced its intention to exhibit an innovative high performance LED lighting system. The company states that this lighting system will be able to work in conjunction with zigbee, the wireless network used by smart grid appliances. Indoor lighting interlinked with the smart grid would be able to adjust to periods of high or low energy demand and potentially detect the amount of ambient natural light and adjust the artificial lighting settings accordingly.

Other companies producing network integrated LED lighting systems include Daintree Networks and Chinese company Kingsun. Kingsun's zigbee integrated LED lighting system is primarily used in street lights: the use of a network integrated lighting system in this area not only allows street lamps to optimize their power usage butit alerts engineers to any problems or breakdowns.

The Green Device 2010 exhibition will run alongside consumer technology exhibition FPD International from November 10-12 in Makuhari, Japan.

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