European electric driver experiment begins in London

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A small team of reporters from British broadcaster the BBC has embarked on a month-long all-electric journey across Europe to highlight to consumers the dawning reality of electric vehicles.

The team of reporters and producers is aiming to share their experience with listeners to give consumers a picture of electric vehicle culture in Western Europe, investigating the technology, infrastructure and political will behind the growth of EV culture.

The programs they make will be available globally on the BBC's website and they will also be regularly blogging/tweeting their EV experiences - one of their first interviews was with a ferry captain about whether a ferry has the capacity to charge electric vehicles on-the-go.

The team of four departed London June 7 for the British port of Harwich, where they will catch a ferry to Denmark; before driving across the Danish islands to Norway, then onto Sweden, Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others along the way before returning to London early in July.

The team is driving a THINK City car, which was chosen as a ready-to-market fully electric vehicle.

THINK CEO Richard Canny said that the journey "will prove that an EV can be just as versatile as a conventional car, but at the same time much more cost effective, efficient and friendly to the environment."

The program will be broadcast every Saturday (from June 19) on BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom and globally on the BBC iPlayer, but the team can also be team can also be followed on BBC Online (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and the project website (