Explore the earth’s oceans without getting your feet wet

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A new feature on Google Earth lets you virtually dive with dolphins and follow the migratory paths of whales as they navigate their way through great blue oceans.

Google launched their underwater tour, Ocean Showcase, on February 4. Google's Ocean Showcase opens up a whole new world of marine animals, shipwrecks, dive sites, and underwater terrain.

"Dive into the ocean and discover who lives there - from a deep sea octopus to humpback whales. Explore lost shipwrecks, dive and surf spots, the ocean's deepest trench, and the latest discoveries of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)," wrote Google on their Google Earth Ocean Showcase page, welcoming visitors to start their underwater journey.

Photos, videos and stories featured on Google's Explore the Ocean layer in Google Earth were gathered by photographers, naturalists, government groups and non-profit partners over the past year.

Those interested in taking the plunge must download and install Google Earth to access Google's Ocean Showcase, ocean photos and underwater videos.