Free online coverage of the Copenhagen Climate Conference

The World Wildlife Fund is opening up the UN Climate Change Conference by promising up to six new videos and a live streamed event every day from December 7 to December 18, all available from their dedicated web channel called Inside Cop15 (

Inside Cop15 is designed to cover the highs and lows of the potentially ground-breaking summit, with round-the-clock coverage and the latest news as it happens and to untangle the meaning of the next global climate change treaty.

Running alongside this is a Vote Earth initiative, which collects signatories for use as part of the WWF's presentation to delegates in Copenhagen, and a similar petition from TckTckTck, a global alliance of organizations such as the Global Humanitarian Forum, Oxfam, Christian Aid, and the Red Cross.

The WWF is also behind Earth Hour Copenhagen, a special instance of the annual Earth Hour initiative whereby citizens and companies pledge to turn off their unused lights and electrical equipment - though, of course, many choose to forgo electricity use altogether for the duration of the demonstrations - and the Copenhagen version is scheduled to take place at 7pm local time on December 16.