Green DIY tutorials: Composting made easy

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The Vancouver Winter Olympics and the 2010 SAG Awards are among the latest events to include composting in their checklist of eco-friendly features. The idea is simple: Instead of sending waste to landfills and water treatment facilities, use it to create healthy soil for future growing. In these DIY tutorials, learn how to include composting in your household-level environmental plan.

How to Be a Countertop Composter
Umbra, an advice columnist on environmental news site, provides this overview of types of composting - outdoor, freezer, using worms - and in what living situations they work best. Also included are some receptacle options and tips for getting started.

How to Make Compost
This frequently viewed video tutorial by Kitchen Gardeners International provides more detailed instructing about starting your bin. Learn about materials and ratios, learn the structural differences between compost "lasagna" and "soup," and find out how to maintain a compost pile.

Compost Guide
For more in-depth information, or to find answers to specific questions, visit the online Compost Guide, which includes details about a number of composting techniques.

Composting on Facebook
Find online support at this dedicated Facebook page, run by (another useful resource). Post your questions, and they'll be answered by either administrators or fellow composters.