Green DIY tutorials : Eco-driving tips

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On January 27, Peugeot announced that that it will hold an "eco-driving" challenge on February 28, with drivers taking a Paris-to-Geneva course using as little fuel as possible. The recent popularity of such events has drawn attention to the many techniques drivers can use to maximize fuel efficiency on the road. With that in mind, these DIY tutorials feature a variety of easy eco-driving tips.

Eco-driving test
Take a virtual road test and learn eco-driving techniques along the way.

How to Drive Green
This info-packed tutorial from VideoJug includes driving tips as well as a host of ways to increase efficiency through planning and maintenance. Learn how to do simple checks on exhaust, oil, and air filters to ensure fuel-efficient driving.

This video from the European Union covers many of the same tips and techniques, but scroll ahead about two minutes for some motivating statistics about fuel reduction and savings.

How to boost your fuel efficiency
This video covers specific driving techniques - related to speed, changing gears, etc. - that maximize efficiency. Sponsored by Citroën, it also offers tips on what to look for when you're in the market for a fuel-efficient vehicle.