Green DIY tutorials: Ideas for staying green during and after the holidays

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With all of the traveling, gift-buying, and eating associated with the holidays, this may not be the easiest time of year to stay green. These sites offer a few tips for keeping the environment in mind this holiday season, from last-minute gifts to ideas for dealing with old Christmas trees.

Christmas recycling:
This video from February 2009 offers a few ideas for what to do with your Christmas tree once the holidays are over. Also included are tips on recycling wrapping and packaging supplies to be used again next year.

Eco-friendly Christmas:

In this video from 2008, Garden Girl Patti Moreno suggests buying a potted tree that can be replanted after the holidays, then shows you how to create environmentally-friendly tree decorations.

Included in part two are a few DIY gifts using easy-to-find supplies.

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree:
At Inhabitat's popular site for green design, find out where you can donate a Christmas tree after the holidays, to be used for making everything from toys to vaccines.

Also visit Inhabitat's Green Gift Guide for a few DIY ideas, including some that can be done even at the last minute.