Green DIY tutorials : Natural, make-at-home beauty products

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At the beauty website Bella Sugar, one staff member has decided to "go off the product grid" for one month, switching to a beauty regimen composed entirely of old-fashioned recipes and natural, "edible" ingredients. In honor of the endeavor, here are some tutorials for making your own natural, environmentally friendly skin- and hair-care products at home.

BellaSugar: The Natural
Follow the BellaSugar staffer, now in week three, as she tests a number of natural products, beginning with a complete regimen and supplemented by tips and recipes sent in by readers. Ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, honey, and tea tree oil are all put to the test.

10 Easy Recipes for DIY Natural Beauty Products

This article from The Daily Green features ten recipes for natural face, hand, nail, hair, and body treatments. Ideas include a body scrub made with sea salt, an avocado hair treatment, and a peach-based firming mask.

Natural Skin Care

This popular video tutorial series, by a clinical esthetician, offers natural, homemade solutions for a variety of skin concerns. Find recipes for scrubs, wrinkle cream, body butter, and hand lotion, among many others.