Green DIY tutorials: Sustainable food-shopping

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A trip to the superermarket can be a confusing experience for the eco-conscious consumer. How to find products that are organic, local, or GM-free, and to avoid those that aren't? In this week's tutorials, green gurus offer a range of suggestions for mindful buying at the supermarket and beyond.

DIY Sustainable Food-Shopping Tour:
This popular video tutorial by Bill Chameides, dean of the Duke Universary environmental school and lead blogger at, is filled with tips for eco-conscious shopping in several areas of the supermarket.

How to Buy Organic Food:
Anna Lappé, author of the cookbook Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen, shows you how to ensure the food you buy is organic, including an especially useful section on decoding produce labels.

How to Buy Local Food:
In this video, Lappé suggests ways of buying locally, another way of keeping food-shopping sustainable.

Sustainable Table:
Sustainable Table offers a wealth of written guides, tips, and other information geared toward eco-friendly food-shopping. The site also gathers a variety of useful links to international farmers' market associations and seafood, dairy, and GM-free shopping guides.