Green gift guides offer ideas for an eco-friendly holiday season

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Online green guides offer thousands of suggestions for keeping it green this holiday season. Here are a few of the best resources to help you shop, wrap, decorate, and entertain with the environment in mind.

The Daily Green
"The consumer's guide to the green revolution" offers hundreds of green gift ideas in 32 categories, including "Gifts made from old junk," "Cheap green gifts," "Safe green toys," and "How to regift (and get away with it)." Unique ideas such as Adopt an Octopus, yogurt-container earrings,  and a recycled wine-bottle coat rack are sure to provide inspiration.

The Treehugger website offers creative gift suggestions in its "Slow Gift Guide," with suggestions for enjoying the holidays in the spirit of the Slow Food movement. Categories help you shop for your favorite Foodie, Pop-Culture Fan, Fashion Guru, Outdoors Enthusiast, and more. Links on the gift guide site will point you to recipes, how-to ideas, and crafts for eco-conscious entertaining.

Browse through pages of one-of-a-kind gifts from the DIY-ers at Etsy. The selections listed in the site's environmentally friendly section all incorporate sustainable materials and processes. Current offerings include organic cotton t-shirts, picture frames and journals made with reclaimed wood, and hand-sewn coffee cozies.

If you still haven't found it all, the design weblog Inhabit has produced its own guide to green giving, sorting ideas by affordability and recipient (boy, girl, pet, mom & dad). A section on "Gifts of Time," with suggestions such as "babysit your friends' kids," is especially faithful to the green holiday spirit.