Best fashion label: Minna

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I nominated Minna Hepburn and her ethical clothing collection because the Finnish-born designer ticks so many boxes, not just ethically but on the style front as well. I've always loved vintage and I like a good "story" in my clothes – and you get that in her use of lace and antique fabrics. She has a transparent production process, and uses organic materials. There's a romantic, old-fashioned feel but also a modern approach to production and sustainability.

Minna's philosophy is inspiring, especially for a young designer. As a model, I know how tough it is to get started in the fashion industry. She's a role model not only for ethical fashion designers but for fashion in general.

The time is coming when clothing can stop being pigeonholed simply as "ethical", as if that was the only thing worth mentioning. Minna's work stands alongside that of more mainstream designers. My favourite piece from her collection is a cream vintage-lace top with a sash. It's an everyday staple, and I wear it over jeans or as a dress. She's got a good eye for shape and cut, and her childrenswear is beautiful too.

I'm an ambassador for the Fairtrade Foundation, and am about to go to Nepal with People Tree to see a Fairtrade fashion project there. I've always promoted ethical fashion in my own love of vintage and recycling, but in the past year or two there's been a connection between what I wear and my politics and beliefs.

Ethical fashion these days is not just about small businesses – and getting the high street on board gives a boost to the whole fashion industry. There is a huge interest in the journey of a garment now. What happened with food is happening with fashion; we have a more conscious interest in where our clothes are from.

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