Ten great eco-products

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Here are ten great products to help you stay as eco-friendly as possible:

1.Current Cost energy monitor



This highly advanced domestic wireless energy monitor will help you to understand your energy usage and wastage. Check on whole house usage or individual appliances and cut your costs and carbon emissions.

2. Eco Kettle 2



Saves you time and energy by boiling the exact amount of water you need. With its dual chamber design, you can fill it to 1.5 litres, then transfer the amount you want into the heating chamber by pressing the plunger.

3. Water butt



Save rainwater to keep your garden green. This has been recycled from a whiskey distillery and will hold 181 litres and look fantastic in any garden.

4. Eco radio torch



Combining an FM radio, an LED torch and emergency mobile phone charger, this needs no batteries, bulbs or aerial. It also boasts a built in emergency siren and a handy wrist strap.

5. Radiator Booster



This uses a small fan to draw heat from radiators into the room, heating it in half the time. It could save you between £70 and £140 annually.

6. Powermonkey Explorer solar charger



A compact, tough and powerful charger, it's water resistant with a rubberised casing yet is the lightest charger available. Has interchangeable heads for UK, Europe, US and Australia – so it can be used in 150 countries!

7. Eco Balls



Save water, save money and never have to buy detergent again with these refillable balls that clean clothes using ionised oxygen.

8. Dimmable light bulb

www.ethical superstore.com

These dimmable 20 watt bulbs emit more light than a 100 watt standard lamp and, with a stated 16,000 hour life expectancy, are a great choice for eco-friendly homes.

9. Sunshine Solar Polycrystalline Panels 190W 24V



An ideal panel for your first home solar experience (right), this 190W 24V MCS-approved panel weighs only 18kg and has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame. If you require more power than this provides, it's relatively straightforward to add more.

10. Intellipanel for desktop computers



Plug your desktop computer into the master socket and peripherals into the others. When you power down your computer, power to the peripherals is automatically cut. Mac & PC compatible.