The big energy debate: Wind farms vs fracking


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Wind farms


A clean, green, renewable energy.

Very obviously quite a good thing. The Scandinavians probably like them and they're good at these things, ja?

They annoy James Delingpole.

Sexier than pylons.

The term "wind power" is helpful for making cheap fart gags.

Look like they're designed by Apple.


Ruin perfectly lovely views of some of Britain's greatest countryside, such as the Pennines.

A huge potential danger to Britain's hang-gliding, parachuting and kite-flying fraternities.

Not colourful enough. Why always grey and white?

Still owned by dastardly energy companies.

Look like they're designed by Apple.



Fracking allows Britain to take advantage of its gas resources.

It's called "fracking".

Inspired a protest group in Cumbria called Frack Off. Which sounds like the famous "Home and Away" insult, "rack off".

Celebs Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo (among others) are vocal protesters, making it easy for picture editors to illustrate an essentially very dull concept.


Ruins perfectly lovely views of areas where there's lot of shale gas, such as the Pennines.

May cause earthquakes. Energy firm Cuadrilla commissioned a report into tremors in Lancashire and concluded it was probable they were caused by test fracking.

Linked to contaminated ground water and air pollution.

No-one wants a Lancastrian sequel to 'Erin Brockovich'.