Why I Love: A free ride

Simon Starling, conceptual artist
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After my partner had our second child six months ago we bought a Christiania bicycle. It is an amazing three-wheel bicycle with a large bucket on the front which can carry anything – luggage, food shopping, several kids.

The design originates from Christiania, the commune in Copenhagen, and it was designed in the 1970s, although I first saw it around a decade ago. We've replaced the family car with it and it has made my life much easier: I don't have to park it, I don't have to pay road tax and, on top of all that, it keeps me fit. I do the food shopping with it and take the kids to kindergarten. It's a fantastic thing.

I've sometimes seen four or five kids in the bucket, but that's quite extreme – it can be hard work getting up a hill. Have I had any hairy moments? Not yet, but you don't want to go down a hill too fast.

For information: www.christianiabikes.com.