How to save energy without changing your lifestyle

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A new survey shows that UK residents are making energy-saving efforts, but how can homeowners do more without changing their lifestyle?

The survey published October 14 by the Energy Saving Trust in the United Kingdom found that 74 percent of respondents said they were "looking for ways to reduce their energy bills," 84 percent said "turning off the lights is becoming more normal," and 53 percent claimed "never to leave their TV or PC on standby for long periods."

These methods and others can help householders throughout the developed world reduce their energy consumption without changing their lifestyles. Further simple advice on how to reduce home energy usage is provided by a number of governmental institutions such as, the American Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union.

The top energy-saving tips from these institutions include:

Insulate your home - Nearly half the heat of an average home is lost through the walls and roof; good insulation can reduce heat loss and the energy needed to warm your home.

Turn appliances off- Leaving appliances such as TVs on standby rather than switching them off wastes energy.

Buy energy efficient appliances - Energy-saving appliances are either marked with the EU Energy Label, a flower stalk with the euro symbol (€) surrounded by stars, or will be marked 'Energy Star' rated.

In the kitchen, only boil as much water as you need, cover pots and pans when cooking and use a saucepan with a circumference the same size as the stovetop element to reduce heat loss.

Use energy-efficient LED bulbs, and switch off lights when leaving a room.

For more energy saving advice see , the website of the European Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.  

Energy Saving Trust: