International tree-planting world record attempt to take place on Saturday, December 5

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The UK's National Tree Week is set to come to a fitting end with a record-breaking mass tree-planting exercise called Tree O'Clock taking place on the morning of Saturday, December 5. The current record is for 653,143 trees planted in 1 hour by an unlimited number of people over multiple locations, and so families, schools, and community groups both nationally and internationally are being invited to take part.

The world record attempt is scheduled to take place between 11 am and 12 noon GMT, and anyone in the world can take part simply by registering at the Tree O'Clock website and sending in photos once the planting is over.

As well as the overall world record, there is also a separate record challenge for groups of 100 people to see who can plant the most trees within the time limit.

Tree O'Clock is a result of a partnership between Breathing Places, the BBC's small grants funding program, and Plant forLife who together have recruited over 900 DIY stores and gardening centers across the UK to assist in a national tree sapling giveaway as part of the National Tree Week in the run-up to the event.

Tree O'Clock World Record Attempt
Saturday 5 December
11 am - 12 noon GMT