Mysterious online environmental campaign builds buzz

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Environmental group Greenpeace is creating an online buzz for its new campaign with a series of tweets directing followers to a single-page website. 

The official Greenpeace Twitter account ( @Greenpeace) has sent a series of messages over the past few weeks each with the hashtag XM3N and each directing users to a new website under the Greenpeace domain with the banner "The World Needs You"; a specialized campaign account ( @X_M3N) is also being used by Greenpeace.

On July 11 the organization heightened the buzz by publishing a link to the website on Greenpeace's Facebook page and attracted nearly 500 'likes' in two hours.

The single-page website features images of mannequins bearing the Chinese symbol for water - ? 'Shui' - in famous locations around the world. Visitors to the site are then encouraged to support the water-related, but as-of-yet unspecified campaign by making the symbol their profile picture on social networks.  

Over the last few months Greenpeace has run a number of social media campaigns including one aimed at carmaker Volkswagen that involved a re-make of the company's commercial " The Force"; Mattel was also targeted via a series of spoof interviews with Barbie's companion Ken accusing the toy manufacturer of deforestation. Videos from both these campaigns went viral shortly after being launched.

Major international environmental organizations on Twitter include:  

Greenpeace -!/Greenpeace
UNEP  (United Nations Environment Program) -!/UNEPandYou
Friends of the Earth -!/foeint -!/350